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Jetty Review:

Wow, how have I never been to this before?  If you love all things 80s, this is definitely the Festival for you.

I was lucky enough to go for the first time this year with another Rewind virgin and we had the best time despite not  having dressed up or having the weekend pass, we just booked for the day.  I will admit that the majority of revellers had dressed up to a greater or lesser extent – greater: the full 80s, dressing up from icons of the era, lesser: donning the iconic Relax t shirt.  However, after a scout round the many stalls selling 80’s outfits, we settled for some facepainting and glitter and immediately felt more part of the party.

The acts ranged in quality, accordingly to one’s personal tastes, but if you like 80’s music there’s bound to be a few you like.  In 2022, we enjoyed Scritti Politti, Level 42, Belinda Carlise, Dr & the Medics, Odyssey, Johnny Hates Jazz, Kim Wilde, Holly Johnson (from Frankie goes to Hollywoood fame) and Martin Kemp who did a DJ set which was off the scale.  Favourites for me were undoubtedly Level 42, Odyseey, Kimd Wilde and Martin Kemp.  The whole day was just magical.

The happiness’ometer was off the scale; everyone was genuinely there to just have fun, relive their misspent youth and sometimes show their kids what good fun used to look like.  The music brought back so many happy memories, I was buzzing for days and we’ve signed up for 2023 for the whole weekend and have chosen the glamping campervan option (we just have to source one now!)  I’ve also committed to sorting out our fancy dress, and going ‘all in’.

Jetty ratings: 

The event takes 18th – 20th August 2023.

Early Bird Tickets are available now although the line up for 2023 won’t be available in the spring:

And if cost is a challenge, or you want to get thoroughly immersed, you can always signed up to volunteer for the weekend with Festaff: