Meet our Founder

I’m Julia, passionate life lover.

At the risk of sounding smug, I love my life!  I’m single, I’m generally a happy, self sufficient soul, and I have a wonderful social life.  But I didn’t get here by accident.  I’ve worked hard at making the cards I’ve been dealt in life, work for me.  It hasn’t been easy and it wasn’t until I reached my fifties that I realised, I am enough.

It was only when I stopped internet dating, and embarked on making the most of my life, that I realised, I actually already have a fabulous life providing I keep sociable, in real life.  Like many of us, I enjoy time alone, but I also enjoy the succour I get from being with people in a variety of different social settings.  I also enjoy having something in the diary to look forward to.

I love having the opportunity to go out, get dressed for the occasion, whether that’s a walk in the woods, day in town, meeting up for lunch or donning some glitz and glamming it up for the evening.  I haven’t entirely given up finding a someone special, but it’s be no means the be all and end all of my life.

I’m on a mission to make being single as socially acceptable as being part of a couple.  And let’s not forget, being socially active increases your chances of meeting new people and perhaps a partner. But, above all, whilst a new partner may be a welcome addition, they don’t have to be an essential addition.  We are enough.

With Love

Julia – AKA – Just me.

3 things you should know about me:

  • I’m massively accident prone, usually doing a million things at once, so watch out!
  • I was born in Branston and still love the eponymous pickle.
  • I’m very tall and still love wearing heels.

Guilty pleasure:  Travel and the people I meet on those trips.

I love:
  My family, live music, travel, dogs (especially Dave my parents Cockapoo), people watching, great food and fashion.  I’m addicted to audio books and podcasts and continue to learn new things every day which keeps me young (I think)!

I really dislike:  Tofu, bigots and spiders.

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