As featured in Good Housekeeping and the Rocking the Journey Blog (click to listen). 

As featured in Good Housekeeping and the Rocking the Journey Blog (click to listen). 

Your Life. Your Time. Your Crew!

Jetty is a place where you will find social event ideas in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, London and surrounding areas which we think will appeal to mid lifers.  Members of our crew visit each one and give it a Jetty rating out of 5 and our commentary will give you a flavour of what to expect.

Each recommendation will be independent and authentic.

We are not a dating site, but we recognise that many mid-lifers may be looking for a new partner.  We passionately believe that the best connections are made in real life and the more we go out, the more chances we have of meeting ‘the one’.

Not only does having different social occasions brighten up our lives, it enriches us, makes us more interesting, broadens our horizons and gives us more opportunities to meet new people and expand our connections.  Who knows, someone you meet at an event, if not ‘the one’ themselves, may know just the right person to introduce you to.

She / he / they who dares…

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Does your social life need pepping up?

Have you let your social life slip due to other priorities.
Do you put family, friends, work before yourself?
Do you get fed up not knowing what events are going on?
Are you stuck in a rut?
Like us, you are likely to have spent most of your life being a daughter, a son, a parent, a boss, a wife, a husband, a carer, an employee, a ‘someone’, and you may have lost sight of who you are now.
But, like most of us, socialising can leave you feeling enriched and connected, we sometimes just need a little help putting ourselves out there and trying new things.

Jetty Socials is a safe place in which to discover more.

Be. Do. Thrive!

Jetty Socials is about enabling mid-lifers to seize the initiative and get sociable –  it’s never too late to build a new network of like minded friends and try something new.

  1. We care passionately about being connected In Real Life.  Jetty is about bringing people together.  If you yearn for social activity, face to face contact and conversation, to meet different people and experience a wide range of events – sign up now.
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Stay in touch and we’ll share how you can:

Embrace opportunities to meet new people
Create a new beginning even if you don’t know how
Live (or want to live) bravely
Be enabled and motivated to live your best life

Be your authentic self. Do interesting things. Thrive in your social life.

To Success & Happiness

We are on a mission!

Success to us is to build a vibrant, connected community who go out and experience new things.

A community who know that being sociable enriches lives and increases our chances of meeting a special someone whom we connect with in real life as friends or a potential partner.

In an ideal world, internet dating will become a thing of the past as we favour the old fashioned way of getting to know people in real life.  No more dismissing a potential partner because they are too short, too tall, too hairy, too bald, too fat, too thin; we will see the person and not the digitally enhanced image.


It’s how we roll.

There has never been a more pertinent time to make connections with like-minded people and Jetty Socials is passionate about creating social experiences to enrich your life. Our values are part of the fabric of everything we do:

Authentic – we strive to be our authentic selves and want to enable you to turn up and just be yourself too.

Trusted – we will provide consistent, quality events and 5* customer service.

Nurturing – we strive to make a difference to the lives of our Jetty Community.

Passionate – we are committed in heart and mind.

Quality – what we do, we do exceptionally well.