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Julia Collis is on a mission to make being single as socially acceptable as being part of a couple, by helping midlife singletons feel part of a supportive community where they can meet others like them and explore new opportunities for fun things to do.

The recent pandemic and lockdown which we all went through resulted in a rise in ‘the single life’, loneliness, fewer close relationships and digital connection replacing human contact and intimacy. Although we see this affecting all age groups, it is particularly manifested in the 35+ age group because of other social changes that often happen around this time.

Jetty Socials was created to help support those people and create an environment where not having a partner is celebrated and embraced, as a chance to try new things and be more adventurous, as an opportunity to learn that, even on our own, we are enough.

To support the belief that single can also be sociable and fun, Julia Collis started a blog to highlight how she is living her best life in mid-life; after all she has been doing it for the majority of the last 20 years.  Articles on the blog, ‘AKA – Just Me’, are featured on the Jetty Company website, in the membership and on social media and have had tremendous traction, being picking up by 2 national magazines for features in 2023.

Everyone is welcome in our community, but members of the ‘Jetty Crew’ tend to be:

  • 35 years+ plus but everyone is welcome.
  • Any gender
  • Single status and/or looking for new friendships due to:
    • divorce / separation /bereavement
    • re-location / empty nest / redundancy / retirement
    • change in physicality (mid-life crisis, menopause)
    • post COVID impacts due to break ups / isolation
    • wedded to partners who can’t / don’t want to socialize or be active

Our goal is to inspire solo living in midlife and become the central resource for ALL social events in Berkshire and surrounding areas so that midlife singletons know where to go for the lowdown on quality events run by reputable organisations, therefore we welcome opportunities to showcase the fabulous activities that are available locally.

Events are tested by Jetty members and all reviews are featured on the blog, published on the Jetty Membership and featured in the social media streams. (We commit to honest and fair reviews on our website and any partnerships will be clearly marketed as such.)

Get in touch for details on affiliate marketing packages and other opportunities for us to work together.

Julia is also available to comment on a variety of topics connected to the ‘single life’, including:

  • Being consciously single: Many singletons want a vibrant, eclectic and varied social life in a safe environment and a community or ‘tribe’ which they can call on for conversation, activities and support.
  • Loneliness: statistics from the latest Government Report for loneliness suggests that a lot of single people do not have a local social community with which they can call on for support or friendships or a more vibrant social life
  • Socialising and mental health: Feeling part of a group where you have shared values and interests can help overcome feelings of isolation, depression and increase overall happiness levels.
  • The complexities of dating apps and how that often leads to frustration and a feeling of failure.
  • Her own experiences with being single in midlife and her passion for helping others embrace this exciting stage of life too.
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