Hi there, welcome to my blogs about thriving in midlife single life.

‘AKA – Just Me’

I’m Julia, founder of Jetty Socials.  I’m lucky to have a successful career in marketing and sales and am a happy divorcee.  I have been living the single life now for more years than I can remember; despite many cringeworthy online dates, and I’ve learnt to be very happy in this solo state.

I think of myself as an ‘outgoing introvert: I love company but I also love my alone time.  I’ve created a fulfilling life for myself and, whilst I never intended to stay single, I find that I am actually very happy being solo, despite not quite fitting into a world built for couples and families. 

I started going on holiday by myself in 1995 and found I enjoyed the challenge; whilst I sometimes go with friends or sign up to adventure holiday groups, I travel independently.  I also have an eclectic social life, visiting art galleries, different towns and cities, going to the theatre, concerts and even the opera –sometimes with friends but often alone.  Sometimes people say that I’m brave and that they wouldn’t have the courage, which saddens me.  No one should feel excluded just because they are single. 

Over the years I’ve seen couples split up and friends widowed; seeing first-hand how hard it can be to adapt to the single lifestyle and actually enjoy it breaks my heart.

So I’ve decided to make it a mission to pioneer the solo lifestyle and encourage every individual person to celebrate the freedom that being single brings, and to be comfortable and happy. 

I hope my musings raise a smile or two and show that there are many benefits to being single.

If I can do it, anyone can! 

With love

Julia, AKA Just me.